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Over 700 million monthly users use augmented reality on Instagram and Facebook (the Meta platform), which is nearly one-fourth (2,8 billion) of all users, for an average time of 72 seconds. This creates huge potential for you to build your career as an influencer who is on top of the latest trends and offers fans additional forms of interaction. provides the opportunity to monetize this type of content.

Nothing will change for most of your fans.

They can still enjoy your content on OnlyFans, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

But you can generate an additional $1000-$5000 per month if just one to five percent of your fans buy access to augmented reality (AR) content.* *

If you create great content that fans love, watch and pay for, why not earn extra money doing it?


The idea is very simple. To make money on as a content creator, you need to be 18 years of age and have a account. This allows you to offer your fans additional augmented reality content. It is the perfect way to effectively attract and increase revenue from your fans. You offer them exclusive material in an expanded formula and add value to what you're already doing. Fans will love it and you'll be making more money with minimal effort.


How to do it? When preparing content for other social media, simply record a short video on a greenscreen, (DIY or purchase online) upload it to your channel, and set the price for watching your hologram. takes care of all the technical stuff for you; it will process your video and allow fans to view your hologram anywhere they want.


The best part is that you do not have to invent or make content other than what you already publish on mainstream platforms. You can complement your message with additional forms of interaction with you as a hologram in augmented reality. You keep 100% of your earns from each rental of your hologram. You can withdraw funds every two weeks to your own account via the Paxum and ePayService.

* You can withdraw your earnings when you reach a balance of $100. During the registration use referral code.

** Earning potential illustrated by 10,000 fans of which 1%-5% will see your hologram for $10 per month.